ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip Ranking, AirPods Pro Alternative

ANC TWS CHIP for ANC TWS Wireless Earbuds
Wireless Earbuds The most important Active Noise Cancellation is achieved through ANC Chip . At present, Shenzhen, China is the global ANC Wireless Earbuds manufacturing base for AirPods Alternative. There are mainly three ANC Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Earbuds chips for mainstream AirPods Alternative in the market:

AIROHA, Airoha 1562A, Best ANC TWS
: ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO1:  Airoha 1562A 

Smart Link ANC TWS Earbuds Chip factory:
ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO2: Smartlink TWS 106-A6

BES ANC TWS CHIP  : ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO2: BES 2300

Bluetrum ANC TWS CHIP: ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO3: Bluetrum 8892A 

Other relatively few products use the best quality, but the more expensive ANC Wireless Earbuds chips are Qualcomm, Realtek 8773, and Apple chips.

NON -ANC Wireless Earbuds chip:
NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 1:  Airoha 1562M
NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 2: Airoha 1562F
NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 3: Airoha 1536U
NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 4: Jerry AC6973D

ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO1: Airoha 1562A 

Airoha 1562A Chip for Best ANC Wireless Earbuds Pro

A chip produced by Airoha Technology Co., Ltd., Airoha Technology is considered to be a large supplier of Active Noise Cancellation Headphones. in China. It is understood that Bluetooth Headphones from brands such as Sony, Huami, 1More, Realme, FIIL, Edifier, Plantronics, Zimi, and other brands have adopted a large number of Airoha solution chips. In terms of Bluetooth specifications, the Airoha  1562A chip supports Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode and supports up to 35db feedforward + feedforward and hybrid noise reduction. In the field of Earbuds in Shenzhen, China, the third-generation version is equipped with an  Airoha  1562A chip + titanium composite diaphragm speaker + dual-microphone hybrid noise reduction. After multiple versions of iterative updates, product performance and quality are also improving day by day. Although it is still not very stable, it is well-deserved No.1 among the headphones produced in Shenzhen, China.

Equipped with dual microphones, feed-forward, and feed-back hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. The noise reduction width is about 100-2000hz, and the noise reduction depth is about 24-27db. The original product is 50-4000hz, about 30-35db; that is to say, Airoha 1562A can reach 60%~70% of the original noise reduction depth, but everyone Don't be fooled by this depth, the actual use effect of 1562A is about 30-40%. As for the noise reduction mentioned on the Internet to reach 85% and 95% of the original, everyone smiles and automatically ignore it.

Best ANC TWS Wireless Earbuds Better Price

ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO2: Smartlink TWS 106-A6
SmartLink TWS 106 A6 CHIP ANC TWS Earbuds
2021 new ANC TWS new solution, Smartlink TWS 106-A6 chip

ANC is better than Airoha  1562A, 3 DBs higher than Airoha  1562A chip
Use button battery, 0.5 hours more battery life than Airoha  1562A chip
The bottom noise is smaller than Airoha  1562A chip

SmartlinkTWS106-A6 and Airoha  1562A chip, in terms of chip strength alone,Airoha  1562A chip is actually stronger. However, the overall configuration of the Airoha  1562A chip solution is not as good as Smartlink, and the overall performance is not as good as Smartlink.

ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO3: BES 2300

BES 2300 Chip for ANC Wireless Earbuds Pro

BES2300 is a fully integrated adaptive Active Noise Cancellation solution that supports Bluetooth 5.0, LBRT low-frequency forwarding technology, and dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0. It also supports the third-generation TWS full wireless stereo technology, dual microphones, etc., using 28nm, BGA Package. Support for noise reduction technology, especially high-performance adaptive active noise reduction technology, allows high-end active noise reduction headphones to use a fully integrated chip to achieve high sound quality and active noise reduction. BES2300 also supports external heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors and other external sensor devices, and eMMC flash memory, which can achieve the purpose of playing music on external storage devices. BES2300 can output sound to headphones and home audio, and can also record from an external microphone. Edifier, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, and other brands of Earbuds all use this chip. Such as Huawei FreeBuds 2 Pro, oppo W51. This chip is used in Headphones. Although the chip is good, it can't stand other hardware and quality control, and it is easier to fail to connect or disconnect.
This chip is earlier than Apple and Qualcomm. The chip that supports active noise reduction is very good. The Earbuds is equipped with dual-microphone hybrid noise reduction. The sound quality is worse than 1536U, which is similar to 1562A, and the noise reduction is also About 24db, the transparency is not as good asAiroha  1562A I don’t know if this Earbuds is due to the manufacturer’s assembly or the chip. There are many minor problems. For example, the left and right ear synchronization are a little different, and the volume may be slightly different. The battery life is similar to the 1562A, and the price is cheaper than Airoha3.

ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip NO4: Bluetrum 8892A 
Bluetrum BTB 8892A CHIP ANC TWS Earbuds

Bluetrum 8892A  series is mainly aimed at the sports stereo Bluetooth Earbuds and TWS Bluetooth Earbuds market. Bluetrum 8892A  supports dual-mode Bluetooth V5.0 EDR/BLE. Bluetrum 8892A  has a 32-bit RISC-V processor and supports the DSP instruction set. Bluetooth audio decoding supports high-definition decoding AAC, SBC, call supports high-definition call HSBC, standard-definition call CVSD. In terms of TWS, the whole system supports seamless switching between main and auxiliary ears and low-latency game modes.

In terms of ANC active noise reduction applications, Bluetrum 8892A  is a new generation of digital noise reduction ANC. It supports three modes: feedforward FF, feedback FB, and hybrid noise reduction hybrid, and can provide a maximum noise reduction depth of 30dB. BT8892 has a built-in three-channel MIC signal amplifier and high-performance Dental-Sigma ADC. Provide customers with flexible and changeable noise reduction structure options. It counts as the flagship product of Zhongke. The chip itself is good, slightly inferior to Airoha 1562A.

However, it is almost meaningless when applied to the field of Headphones. It is not that the chip itself is not good, but the solution only configures him with one microphone. It originally supported three modes of feedforward FF, feedback FB, and hybrid noise reduction hybrid that support up to three microphones. Choose, the noise reduction depth can reach up to 30db, and the chip power consumption is as low as 5 mA (Airoha 1562A is 10 mA), but because this Earbuds is only equipped with a microphone, the noise reduction generally can only reach about 20db, and The sound quality is not as good as the Airoha series. If you can upgrade to dual or triple microphones in the future and optimize the sound quality, it will be great. And capacitive sensing and in-ear detection are not comparable to the vibration sensing and light sensing of the Airoha version. After comparing personal measurements, I feel that the overall performance of Bluetrum is about 85% of that of Airoha  1562A. The sound quality is similar, the noise reduction is slightly worse, the stability is better than A, and then the touch is not good.

To be honest, the foundation of this chip is good. It supports digital active noise reduction and has a built-in complete noise reduction algorithm.
Other relatively few products use the best quality, but the more expensive ANC Wireless Earbuds chip is Qualcomm, Realtek 8773

Realtek 8773:
Realtek is a world-leading IC design company in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Most of the integrated sound cards on computer motherboards come from their own hands. At present, it has launched many Bluetooth chips and highly integrated sound cards. Realtek enters the TWS true wireless Bluetooth Earbuds solution market, and the current market structure will undergo profound changes. RTL8773C, which is a highly integrated Bluetooth audio chip, supports ANC active noise reduction, has the advantages of high performance and low power consumption, and supports environmental noise reduction (ENC). RTL8773C optimizes the active noise reduction (ANC) algorithm, not only Integrates Realtek's noise reduction algorithm, and also supports third-party noise reduction algorithms. At the same time, it can directly connect to the cloud platform for keyword recognition and support AI voice assistants. It can be always online, always wake up, and always monitor 7×24 hours. Function and so on. Also, this chip has a big bright spot: it supports 100ms or lower delay ~ noise reduction is no different from Airoha  1562A, and it is even better than 1562A in other aspects. However, because of its high cost, it is less used in the field of earphones. Some manufacturers may have customized private models, but they have not been mass-produced~ so basically they can't buy them ~

NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 1: Airoha 1562M
 Airoha 1562M, Best Voice Aiziye Wireless Earbuds Pro

Airoha 1562M NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip, Best Voice.

NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 2: Airoha 1562F

Airoha 1562M, 1562F, 1562A, and 1562U belong to the same series. Be regarded as a reduced version of 1562A. It is said on the Internet that it is a benchmark for Bluetrum 8892 series products and supports single-mic active noise reduction. But after personal comparison, I feel that he is no better than Bluetrum 8892A... and because of the large battery, the battery is prone to malfunction!

It is equipped with a single microphone and feed-forward active noise reduction. It is worth mentioning that the power consumption of the 1562F is relatively low, so the battery life is longer than that of the Airoha  1562A. The 1562A only has 3.5-4 hours, while the 1562F can reach about 5-6 hours. But having said that, 1562F is a castrated version of 1562A (the noise reduction of 1562F is very general, and the main battery life), and their positioning is fundamentally different. 1562F can be regarded as a sinking user, against the standard Bluetrum 8892A and Jerry's. In this low-end market, in short, I cut the 1562A function to ensure battery life. (The three generations of 1562M can have such long battery life.), This one is not recommended for purchase.

NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 3: Airoha 1536U

Before the 1562 series chip came out, this chip was the king of ANC Wireless Earbuds, but after the 1562 series chip came out, it is now slowly being eliminated from the market. The reason is that the power consumption is relatively large, and the battery life is relatively short only about 2 hours. Now the second-generation 1562M catches a casual 4-5 hours. And its 5.0 Bluetooth transmission is still no better than the 5.2 Bluetooth transmission of the 1562 series. Can't keep up with the pace of the times~

The active noise reduction of this 1536U can only be said to be analog noise reduction because the chip itself does not support active noise reduction, it is generally through the plug-in, adding a filter to achieve the effect of noise reduction, so the noise reduction is stable The sex and effect are relatively poor. It is a transitional product before Airoha  1562A. This one is not recommended for purchase, because now 1562A has been upgraded for several versions and has been mass-produced.

NON-ANC Wireless Earbuds Chip No. 4: Jerry AC6973D
 Jerry6973 Chip, Best Price Wireless Earbuds Pro

Jerry Technology has launched a variety of Bluetooth Earbuds solutions, featuring excellent compatibility, low cost, and long standby time, which has impacted the market occupied by CSR at a low price. Not much to say about this one, the main positioning is not high-end. Applied to headphones, it is the kind at the bottom of the pyramid. But I heard that it sells better in Vietnam and Africa.

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