The Best Quality TWS Wireless Earbuds Speaker

The Wireless Earbuds speaker diaphragms currently on the market mainly include:
The titanium diaphragm of the original Apple Airpods Pro,Cashmere diaphragm of Earbuds.

titanium diaphragm  Cashmere diaphragm
titanium diaphragm for airpods pro earbuds Cashmere diaphragm for wireless earbuds
There are some other diaphragms, such as Wireless Headphones copper ring diaphragm (more noise, Jerry’s earphones are in use), Wireless Earbuds paper cone diaphragm (sound quality blows up the ears, and is easily affected by the external temperature, which causes irreversibility. Deformation). These two diaphragms are not recommended.
copper ring diaphragm for wireless Earbuds Speaker
copper ring diaphragm 
Among them, the second-generation 1562M  of Wireless Earbuds and the third-generation 1562A  of Wireless Headphones use more titanium diaphragms, and the second and third-generation 1536u use more cashmere diaphragms.
Cashmere diaphragm for wireless earbuds
Cashmere diaphragm
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However, it cannot be said that the Wireless Earbuds titanium diaphragm must be better than the Wireless Headphones cashmere diaphragm, and vice versa. Because the sound ranges of the two are different, but considering the compatibility of the overall sound quality, it makes sense to use a titanium diaphragm. A brief description is given below.

Wireless Earbuds Titanium Diaphragm: The original second-generation Apple Airpods Pro uses this diaphragm. This diaphragm uses a titanium + PET polymer composite material. The impact strength of the material itself is 3 to 5 times that of other membranes, and it is resistant to folding Good, lightweight, good rigidity, not so easy to break. The diaphragm made of PET has good low-frequency characteristics and clear high-frequency. Titanium alloy is a light metal material, formed of ultra-thin platinum alloy, and the surface is chemically treated. Its sound is clear and transparent, and it has a high resolution. Summary: PET titanium composite film has good low-frequency quality, while the sound is clear and transparent, with high resolution.
titanium diaphragm for airpods pro earbuds
Wireless Earbuds Cashmere Diaphragm: This is what the original Apple Airpods use. This diaphragm is covered with a layer of wool-like mixed fabric with a translucent rubber ring on the edge, which is very similar to the speaker in the speaker. Some people call this kind of speaker a biological diaphragm speaker because the diaphragm is relatively thick, the mid-bass will be more obvious, the sound quality is soft, and the treble will be relatively lacking.
Cashmere diaphragm for wireless earbuds

Summary: Compared with Wireless Earbuds cashmere diaphragm and Wireless Earphones titanium diaphragm, the sound of this one is softer and more natural at mid frequencies, while the titanium one is brighter. Therefore, this diaphragm earphone is more suitable for listening to soothing and lyrical songs; such as folk songs, jazz, blues, and pop music with vocals. After reading the difference between the two, it becomes clear that you cannot easily say which is better。

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