Spatial Audio only Dolby sound for Non-Airpods

Spatial Audio with Wireless Earbuds powered by Airoha 1562a is currently only a display, no actual function, but a bit of surround feeling (personal feeling), because there is no gyroscope and Apple algorithm support, so Spatial Audio can not be realized for other Wireless Earbuds by Airoha 1562 at the time being.

Spatial Audio only Dolby sound for Non-Airpods
Spatial Audio this feature is indeed overcome, but so far only the Spatial Audio interface for Wireless Earbuds has been overcome at the beginning of 2021. how to say? That is to say, I have the function, but I didn't say that it can be used in sound, that's it. That is to say, the current new version of the Wireless Earbuds supports display spatial audio, and the old version of 1562a will not display it. But don't be overly biased.

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Because some sellers now brag that they Wireless Earbuds support real Spatial Audio, which is outrageous. . .

What is even more outrageous is that the friends who bought the ANC  Wireless Headphones said they also support it? ?? What do you say that watching video stereo and spatial audio has the feeling of watching a movie in a movie theater? It's outrageous. . .

Spatial Audio only Dolby sound for Non-Airpods
When I asked later, it turned out to be Dolby sound. . . It is recommended that this kind of friend use ordinary Wireless Earbuds to listen to it, is it the same?...

If you don’t understand Dolby sound effects, listen to the following.
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To say something useful, let’s analyze briefly why we can’t do Wireless Earbuds Spatial Audio at present.

The decisive hardware of spatial audio: gyroscope.

If you are willing to throw out the cost and plug the gyroscope into Wireless Earbuds, then the hardware conditions are almost satisfied, but unfortunately, let's not talk about the cost limit. . .

Therefore, the current Wireless Earbuds spatial audio display is just a display.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the Spatial Audio will be restored in the future, but at least not now.

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