Why didn't Apple release Black AirPods Pro?

Why didn't Apple release Black AirPods Pro?

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Why did Apple only release white Airpods Pro, not Black AirPods Pro, White is Apple's primary color because Apple's design philosophy is simplicity and simplicity, and white best reflects this design spirit, so Apple has a lot of white products.

"Marketers need first to determine what literal concept they want to plant in the consumer's mind, one that can be easily visualized and thus reinforced with a visual hammer. Don't try to instill multiple concepts in consumers, as they won't remember any of them. In the long run, a consistent visual hammer is even more important than a consistent verbal nail."
--The above extract from The Visual Hammer

Put in the context of these headphones: "Don't try to instill too many colors in the consumer, so that the consumer can't remember any of them. In the long run, a consistent all-time white visual hammer is even more important than a consistent all-time verbal nail."
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After learning about this, I couldn't help but wonder at the brilliance of Apple's marketing techniques. Apple's product marketing techniques are genuinely worthy of a book. Especially about the marketing strategy for the "unassuming" white headphones.

Ive was once asked at a conference why so many Apple products were white.
Ive gazed into the distance with a wistful gaze, head slightly upwards, and was silent for a moment before speaking to the air: "I don't know why, but when I picture something in my head, it's usually white." As he said, he seemed to be caught up in his imagination of the white object with its soft highlights of cleanliness. Then he slowed down and smiled nervously, "Wow, it takes words to sound like an idiot." At this moment, I fell in love with Ive, who, despite the pressures and constraints of industrial technology, product quality, production costs and user demand, was able to maintain a raw, sensual vision of design, which to me is the soul of Apple.

Former toilet designer Ive was born in Chingford, Essex, England, in 1967. As well as the iMac, he has won awards for his innovative designs of the aluminum and titanium PowerBook G4, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iPod and iPhone.

Steve Jobs' biography shows that Eastern Zen Buddhism strongly influenced him, and his spiritual mentor and friend was Hirofumi Etsukawa from Japan. He went to Japan on many occasions to practice.
White Color
In Japanese culture, white has a very high ranking and has been so since ancient times. The pursuit of purity and clarity in Japanese culture and Zen Buddhism is also in keeping with the overall ethos of white. Even in modern times, the purpose of whiteness and elegance and the 'essence' of the product can be seen in the work of contemporary Japanese design masters such as Kenya Hara and Kurokawa. Therefore, Zen Buddhism and Japanese culture may have profoundly influenced Joe's choice of product form (elegant and straightforward) and color (white and plain).

From the first generation of iPods onwards, slight white Wireless Headphones were the standard for such Apple products. "All iPods came with "Earbud" - a special white cable to match the design of the original iPod. The white cable became a symbol of the iPod brand and an important promotional feature."

Similarly, the Airpods Pro range of white Wireless Headphones also uses a marketing strategy of visual positioning.

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But not everyone likes the white Airpods Pro; some people prefer black, yellow, purple, orange, green and so on in individual colors. Some countries and nationalities also have different preferences for different colors.

APPLE does not officially produce the Black AirPods Pro; they are imitations, and there is a big difference in quality, but of course, the price is meager.

If you want to buy Black AirPods Pro without painting them, you can purchase personalized Airpods cases to change the personalized case often, making it more personal.

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